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About Us

Our goal as independent Apostille Agents is to ensure that every client who utilizes our services receive professional results that were executed in a prompt, accurate and courteous manner.  We recognize that by selecting a Certified Apostille Agent, you do with the understanding that this is a professional who is knowledgeable in the document authentication arena that will make sure your documents are processed correctly and as quickly as possible. We are not a government entity. Each of us are private and independent contractors

Each apostille agent listed on this website is not just an apostille agent, each apostille agent is a graduated Certified Apostille Agent. This certification was earned by successfully meeting the requirements of the Apostille Agent Training Company which is located in Orange County California. In addition to mandatory passing of specific tests, the certification requires that agents master document authentication procedures such as:

     1. Correctly identifying the various types of documents.

     2. Executing the correct authentication process by class and type.

     3. Specific handling routes for documents destined for Hague and           Non-Hague Convention countries.

     4. Dealing with documents destined for countries requiring embassy

          (consular) legalization.

     5. Regular Federal and Federal Court document processing.

To help keep us abreast of changes and learning of new, better and faster methods in the document authentication arena, we have at our disposal a private forum for the professional exchange of information. We do this because as professionals, we are aware of the importance of continuing education .

Each of us is bound by a specific code of conduct that is designed to protect our clients and ensure professional service. Only Certified Apostille Agents who adhere to this code may display our seal.